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I can't.....function........my heart...so...dead.....shreaded.....I keep crying...but for what purpose.....I need to find a way out of this...trap......I feel so...worthless...dead....useless......inconvienent.....
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Hellz yeah. I know the feeling. One of those feeling that you can't tell anyone you know without getting pity. Horrible pity that's not helpful. It's one of those feelings where there's so many thoughts and stuff insideja that it's tearing you apart. A good song to listen to is Kasou. Love that song. -.-;
whenever i need a song to cheer me up i usually go for "all year around falling in love" because its just awesome and rock epic
or perhaps "caress of venus" becaus its so cheesy that it makes me smile
so please smile!
Hey! I ran into your lj! We add each other to our friends list?? I love your layout! ^__^
You`re so lucky to have this username... @__@!

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