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hyde's Journal

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Sunday, March 25th, 2001
2:21 pm - sick.....heartbroken......dead.....
I can't.....function........my heart...so...dead.....shreaded.....I keep crying...but for what purpose.....I need to find a way out of this...trap......I feel so...worthless...dead....useless......inconvienent.....

current mood: depressed

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Wednesday, March 21st, 2001
3:53 pm - Ugh........
I feel so sick lately.....my koi isn't online....i have the flu or something......I feel like throwing up again.......

current mood: sick

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Saturday, March 17th, 2001
3:56 pm - Why Do You Stare At The Sky With Your Blurry Eyes?
Did you ever notice how sometimes, even if you are in a bad mood, a good song will always just cheer you up? I think Blurry Eyes or Dive to Blue are one of those. Or maybe it's just the group. I love L'Arc~en~Ciel to death ^^;; They are more than just music to me...I can't explain it. *shakes his head* anyways...I was thinking about my counselling sessions...I told my mom they made me uncomfortable and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back. The last one was so awful, I don't know if I want to do it again. I'm a little afraid of what will happen in this next one, I'll be with my mom in a group session. ucky ~.~; it makes me nervous. oh well, I don't want to think about that right now, maybe another time. I didn't even tell some of my friends what was going on, I just told them I've been going to the doctors which I can pull of because I actually am a little sick

current mood: good

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3:37 pm - ~Causes Strain, Stay Away~
Here is my first entry! Why have I started this? Well, I guess it all started when I saw my friend's it just looked fun! ^^;; RIght now I'm chatting with my wonderful boyfriend and listening to Laruku, Hey! My two fave things to do! =D I think this will be a regular hobby of mine to write here, a friend suggested it would be thereputic, considering I pretty much already do this just on paper though. So on to my mindless, sensless, and thought provoking rambles......

current mood: cheerful

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